“You would detail your car if you were going to sell it. You should detail your house too.”

Barb Schwarz

Home staging/property styling is the art of preparing your home to appeal to buyers so it is sold quickly for the best possible price.

You see your house every day and the way you live in it suits you and your family. You like it that way. But a buyer may not.

I can look at each area objectively, through new eyes, whereas you may not notice a shabby rug or pet odour because you have become accustomed to it.

I can style your entire property, inside and out, or just one room. I can use what you have; you can borrow from friends and family, or acquire/hire a few new accessories or pieces.

My services will be tailored to suit your budget.

The presentation of the property will be aimed directly at the heartstrings of the target buyer.

The home will be staged to look good in person and on-line to attract the maximum number of viewers. It will stand out from the competition in the market.

I can also supply you with checklists, including tips on how to prepare for open days.

Let me do this for you!

Click here to see an example of home staging using your own items, with just a few new accessories added.