Seinfeld fans, where are you?

I’ve got my hand up. Nothing ever made me laugh as much as that show.

I’m a firm believer that we can live our lives by the lessons we learned from Jerry and his friends. Who thinks of George when they see a handicapped parking space? If you are going through a bad patch, always look to George. There are endless examples; don’t wear swooshing pants to an interview; if you want people to think you are busy, look angry and carry the Penske file; don’t be cheap, your fiancée could die.

We have integrated their words into our everyday vocabularies (well, I certainly have). I refer to low talkers, close talkers, high talkers. Who says yada yada yada? No other show had as much impact on me.

The other day I saw photos of Jerry’s apartment on the net. I wondered, “What if Jerry was selling his apartment today and it still looked the same as 17 years ago (when the show ended)?”

home staging

Let’s go through what he’d need to do to stage it, just for fun.

The main thing which dates Seinfeld is the lack of cell/mobile phones. Some of the stories wouldn’t be workable today due to this. So obviously, his dated computer is the first thing that needs to go.

This is a reflection of how we use computers now; we like smaller, portable items like laptops and tablets which we use in the car, at work or on the beach.

Look at the size of Jerry’s phone. This doesn’t need addressing for the home staging but isn’t it fun to see how big it was?

home staging

Living room

home staging

  • If you painted the room in white or a light neutral, it would look much brighter.
  • The blue couch will be fine with some pillows but I hope Poppy hasn’t peed on it!
  • The bookcase looks a bit stuffed. I see a big stereo occupying heaps of space. Decluttering would be done prior to the apartment going up for sale.
  • The dining table never seemed necessary to me. When did Jerry ever cook or have a dinner party? He only ate cereal at home! There’s plenty of room for it however so it should remain.
  • I would move the couch pieces out a bit more to make the room look more spacious.
  • Jerry has quite a few small tables; there’s room so they can stay. The computer desk in the corner could be styled with a laptop and a couple of office accessories. Or should he keep the old one as an antique?!
  • Poor Jerry has no air conditioning. Remember it fell out the window after Kramer installed it? It hit the dog that gave Elaine rabies! Maybe 17 years ago you could live without aircon, but not now, baby! (Read that line with George’s inflection.)

Oh, for the first time I just noticed the rug. It looks a bit small so it will need to be replaced with a larger one.


This was cereal heaven! I seriously doubt Kramer would have left any cereal in Jerry’s kitchen so the shelves are probably empty now.

This kitchen needs:

  • Shelves styled and edited (remember to do behind the glass cupboard doors too).
  • Remove the magnets from the refrigerator door (do you remember Jerry’s Superman magnet?).
  • Put away everything on the benchtop except the microwave oven, fruit bowl, wooden spoons in the container and the cutting board (which can stand up against the splashback).
  • Paint the cupboards a paler neutral shade (perhaps a lighter grey). Walls should match the living room.

home staging

I bet the front door needs the paint freshened up too. Kramer was in and out of this apartment (using his signature move) sooooo much!

Regarding his Superman memorabilia, I’m sure Jerry took that with him when he left the building.

Here is a link to Seinfeldisms, with a few videos thrown in. Oh, the memories!!

If you live in Brisbane and have a house or apartment you wish to prepare for sale, please contact me I’m a professional property stylist and I’d love to help you.