I have been apartment hunting with my friend Darla for the last two weeks and the main concern we had with most places we viewed was the lack of appropriate storage. There’s no way I could fit all my belongings into some of these places. Donning my home staging hat, I racked my brains for clever small space storage solutions which will make a tiny space more appealing to a buyer.

The bigger a property looks, the more appealing it is. So here are some cost effective, handyman free tips to make your home sale-ready when the time comes to move, as well as making it enjoyable to live in.

When you are storage challenged, go outside the square. There are so many containers to choose from; tins, boxes, dishes, trays and so on and so on.


There are baskets galore in every colour, size and material. You can easily paint them to suit your decor or jazz them up with things you love. (I love pompoms – that would be my go to for this.) Look on my Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/jennybee66/baskets-with-jazz/ for suggestions.

small storage solutions

Have small baskets for jewellery (depending on how much you have – if you are lucky enough to have a generous partner, you may need a big one!);

  • Large as you can fit under your bed for blankets, out of season clothing, shoes or anything you don’t wish to display;
  • Wire baskets for magazines, cushions, towels, wine; you name it.

small storage solutionsSuitcases/Crates

If you love vintage suitcases, use them for storage. If you have a few, stack them for a bedside or side table. You are only limited by your imagination.

Hang timber crates on walls to store items or display some pretties. They will suit almost any room. Paint if you want, but the rustic look is in! Different tastes rule the design world.


small storage solutionsI am a big fan of the trolley. Use it anywhere: bathroom to kitchen to bedroom. I’ve been using this blue one as a bedside table. It has lots of room which makes me happy. Use it in the kitchen or bathroom for linen, towels or toiletries.

If you are a crafter, you can keep your supplies in this trolley; or it can provide extra storage next to a desk. It doesn’t take up much space and can be wheeled out of the way easily. You could even buy an outdoor one to use inside or on the balcony.

Or, you’ve probably already thought of this – wheel it into the living/dining room to store the drinks. When company arrives, load it up with ice, glasses and whatever your guests want and it’s all in one place. Easy peasy.

Living Room

If you buy an ottoman, make it one with a lid. You will have somewhere to store your magazines and a rug for the cold weather.

Whether you have two small or one large ottoman, you can set them in front of your sofa as coffee tables. Add a tray to put your drinks on.

small storage solutions


small storage solutionssmall storage solutionsNowhere for a dining table? Some apartments only allow you a little square in the kitchen for dining. I think Darla will be balancing plates on her lap in her new place unless she goes for an expanding piece of furniture such as this one from Ikea, with two side leaves that open to create seating for four. Drawers on both sides is an added bonus!

Where will you store the chairs when they aren’t in use? Simply hang them on the wall above the table (space allowing). If you get weatherproof chairs, you can use them outside too, and of course you never know when you may be hosting an impromptu get together and you don’t all fit on that sofa!


If you don’t have a bedside table, use a chair to hold a lamp and some books. Done. It’s sensible to get versatile pieces when you are short on space.


Of course, the Murphy bed (the bed which folds up on the wall to look like a cupboard) is the ultimate must have for a tiny, space challenged apartment but we are talking budget solutions here and unfortunately the Murphy definitely doesn’t fit in this category.

small storage solutions

But hey, we can do some other things instead.small storage solutions

  • First up, consider a bed with storage – as much as you can get. Ikea (the guru of storage) has a bed with shelves in the bed head and drawers underneath. Very handy indeed.
  • Hanging shoe holders are a wonderful resource to put inside cupboard doors. Don’t put shoes in them (well, you can); use them for scarves, gloves, hair accessories, hair straighteners. You name it, it can go in there. A cheap option with a big payback.

Always utilise the back of your bedroom doors:

  • Hang hooks for dressing gowns and handbags.
  • Hang three canvas bags vertically and fill with socks, stockings, scarves, light purses, caps.
  • Stick a full length mirror on the back of your door. We all need one.
  • Hang the ironing board here.


small storage solutionsThe wardrobe/closet is often one of the untidiest parts of a home so:

  • Grab extra containers to use for shoes, handbags; whatever takes up a lot of space.
  • Put like with like, for instance use one container for sandals, one for slippers, etc.
  • Invest in felt space saver hangers. They take up less room and the clothes won’t fall off the hanger. They are now available in most department stores at a reasonable price.
  • Employ top shelves for rarely used bits and pieces. Save the easy access for your everyday items.
  • Colour coding is a fun thing to do or you can organise by occasion, ie. work, casual, parties. Decide what system works best for you.


These are some ideas I shared with Darla. I hope you have found them useful.

I love discovering new storage tips because I have a lot of things, and I live in a 1935 Queenslander, a style of home with a reputation for not much storage. (They didn’t have as many clothes in those days, did they??)

I will cover issues in other parts of the home in a future blog. I hope you’ll be back.

Remember that decluttering and organisation are a huge part of preparing your property for sale, whether it is a harbour side mansion or a small apartment. Being smart with storage will put you ahead of the game. Your home will look more spacious and buyers will realise how they can use the spaces effectively.

Be sure to contact me if you need a home stager to help you get a good selling price in a shorter time period. http://jennybhomestaging.com.au/

See you next time.