1. Selling? Get rid of the rubbish

selling your home

selling your home

I see this all the time. People don’t want something so they just leave it on the footpath, sometimes for weeks. Usually it’s in such bad condition, there is no way anyone will ever want it. I’ve never seen how it gets off the footpath but I presume the owners eventually realise they have to have it removed.

So the answer is – take it away straight away!

There are several things you can do

  • Hire or borrow a ute or trailer and take it to the dump yourself;
  • Hire a rubbish removal company; or
  • Call a charity to pick it up.

Before you do this, be sure to check everywhere else on the property, inside and out, for other items which can be thrown out.

Also, remember you need your front lawn to be in good shape for the marketing period and it will be dead under the rubbish so do this job way before you put your property on the market.

(Note: Re the second photo, you may not be able to leave the spaceship at the dump – just make a few calls first to check what to do!)

2. General maintenance of the front exterior

selling your home

What a home without a garden looks like – not too appealing is it?

selling your home

Would you want to barbecue in this garden? Would you want your kids to play here?

I wasn’t going to include this section due to the fact that it is just what most of us do on a regular basis as part of the upkeep of our property. But I know having the best list is great support for the best results. And I realise, just as I only mow and garden because I have to, I’m not the only one. We all have busy lives these days and family life on weekends is treasured so general maintenance can easily fall to the wayside.

The concern is that prospective buyers will notice if the weeds are waving their heads too far above the grass. You want to get an excellent price on your home. If someone sees the exterior is not up to par, they may think the interior will match, and not bother coming inside. It happens.

So here is the list for front exterior maintenance.

  • Mow– if the grass is in bad shape, buy some fertiliser or ask for advice at a gardening store.
  • If the lawn is full of weeds, spray them.
  • Weed garden beds.
  • Trim the edging.
  • Fill bare areas in garden beds with mulch; or buy a few punnets of seedlings to plant to add some colour. Pretty is good.
  • Prune trees and shrubs, especially if they block light to the inside of the house. Buyers love bright, light rooms. Dark rooms can be depressing and unappealing.
  • Check if any paint needs touching up, from the house itself to the letter box, trims, etc.
  • Clean the outside light shades and check the bulbs work.
  • Check the pot plants are healthy and don’t need replacing. If they are for beside the front door, they need to be an appropriate size.
  • Check outside taps are in good working order.
  • Make sure front door furniture (ie. door knob, knocker, handle) is clean.

So that list turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought! But it’s all simple stuff which is part of the day to day upkeep of a home. Hopefully it’s easier to get a handle on, now it’s in list format.

3. Pressure wash every surface that needs it

selling your home

selling your home

The photos above prove my point – look at the difference a pressure washer (or Gerni) can make to concrete and brick. You can also clean timber (great for decking).

So many houses I visit have not had this done and I think that’s disappointing considering it’s such an easy job. Concrete is not an attractive feature but many homes (including mine) have lots of it. Replacement with something else is expensive, but once all the mould and grime is removed – wow, what a difference! And call me mad, but I actually enjoy doing this job. It’s very rewarding, even therapeutic. (There’s a career opportunity for me!!)

Pressure washers can be hired, or bought at hardware stores starting at $100 (depending on the size).

4. Create a welcoming, appealing entry

selling your home

Please do not use all the rainbow colours together as in this photo! The house is memorable but in a comical way.


selling your home

This photo shows how important it is to have everything in good repair. The poor home looks neglected and unloved, and buyers will immediately think it needs a lot of money spent on it.

Everything a prospective buyer sees from the time they arrive outside is their first impression of your home. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, as they say.

selling your home

Make sure your front door is well painted in a colour which complements the house colour. The trend now is for more colourful front doors, including red, turquoise or orange (Google for ideas). This would make a statement.

This photo indicates that the inside will be well worth looking at due to the effort made to style this area. A good exterior should lead to a good interior.

All you need to style an entryway is

  • Good paintwork
  • Symmetry ie. a plant either side if the door is centrally located, or place a plant on one side if not. All depending on space of course.
  • Lighting – no one likes to come home to a dark entry; and it looks pleasing to have the entry lit up at night while the home is on the market. Don’t forget buyers drive past at night too!
  • New doormat – nice neutral one, please. No rude sayings allowed. Save for the new house.

I hope these tips have helped if you are thinking of selling up, or even if you are just having a big cleanup of your home.

Please contact me for a consultation if your home requires some personal attention. I’d love to hear from you http://jennybhomestaging.com.au/