You want to move! But your property won’t sell

Why? You love/d it; why doesn’t anyone else?

There is nothing more disillusioning than having your home on the market for months (or even longer) with no sale in sight.

There must be a reason for the lack of activity though.

  • Have you spoken to your realtor?
  • Have you checked out comparable homes for sale in your location?
  • Does your home meet the standard of your competition?

home staging

Here are three issues which could hinder your sale.


For many buyers, the search starts with price. They have a general area in mind. They know they need to be near schools or transport. But number one, they need to find out what their money will buy them. If they can purchase a home as good as yours for a cheaper price, then you won’t get a sale.

  • Be realistic about local prices and be better than the comparables in your chosen price range.
  • Do other homes in the price bracket have something yours doesn’t eg. a swimming pool, huge entertainment area, double garage, chef’s kitchen? You can’t compete with things like this so you may need to drop your price because your home and those homes are not equal.
  • Keep researching real estate sites and consider your alternatives. Go with your realtor to view some nearby homes for sale.
  • Is there an improvement you’d be willing to undertake which could make your home more appealing and add some extra dollars to the sale price?
  • First and foremost however, speak to your realtor who should be upfront with you about pricing concerns.

home staging


If viewers have given feedback to your agent after inspections, you need to know about it. If possible, action should be taken to rectify any negatives. Easy fixes like paintwork or furniture layout could possibly be done by you.

For more tips on preparing your property for sale see jobs to do before selling) and (Hide the uglies before selling).

There are two major tasks which should be addressed first and foremost.

  • Clean, clean, clean until you see your face in the furniture; and
  • declutter like you have never done before. You’re going to start a new life in a new home so why would you want to take all your meaningless stuff with you?

home staging

It’s a good idea to obtain advice from a qualified home stager/property stylist prior to putting your home on the property market.

  • A two hour consultation involves a full inspection of the exterior and interior, where the stager will point out any faults and recommend an action plan to make your property more attractive to buyers.
  • A professional home stager is constantly researching real estate and decorating trends in order to bring the two together to transform your home into an excellent product for the property market.
  • A stager knows how to sell a lifestyle to a prospective buyer so he can envision himself in the space. Emotion plays a big part in buying a home.

In response to those who say home staging is expensive:

“The investment in staging is always less than your first price reduction” - Barb Schwarz (Creator of Home Staging)

home stagingMarketing

Marketing is an essential home selling tool. Be sure to:

  • Discuss the best marketing options for your home with your realtor
  • Ensure your home is listed and easy to find on all relevant real estate websites
  • Confirm the listing is correct and contains all important information which could entice a buyer

Your home must look fabulous when a buyer first sights it on his computer. This is the first impression. If it’s good, it will lead to the personal inspection.

  • Verify that your realtor uses a qualified real estate photographer.
  • Are the photos on your listing/marketing campaign good quality, taken in the best light, focusing on the best features of the home and exterior?
  • Are there lots of photos?

home stagingThis is so important, I can’t stress it enough.

Of course, there could be other things stopping a sale like a messy neighbour/old car collector or an airport flight path, but the items listed above are among the most common reasons a home doesn’t sell. Other issues need to be addressed with your agent, who should be able to come up with solutions for you.

If you live in Brisbane and cannot sell, please contact me I am a qualified home stager and I’d love to come over and do a consultation on your home.

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