Home staging gets you the best price for your property

Most of us have something ugly in our homes which we’d like to hide. Upkeep of your home is especially important if you are ready to sell your property and move on to the next stage of your life.

Outstanding repairs can be the stumbling block to a sale. Prospective buyers see one problem and think it may lead to more and more. This is bad unless you are selling a fixer upper.

These are some common uglies which can be camouflaged without too much effort or expense.


Worn out flooring

Home staging to sell

Home staging requires floors to be in good condition

If you can hide the stains with a rug, do so, but I think this carpet has had its day!

Of course, with my home staging hat on, I feel that worn out floor coverings should be replaced prior to selling. However, this blog is about “HIDING the uglies” so here is my advice; choose a rug to cover the old flooring. Have a cool painting or a striking vignette nearby to draw attention away from the floor. If it is a hardwood floor, you may be able to hire a sander and sand and polish it yourself. That can save you lots of hard earned money.

Ugly flooring on balcony

Artificial grass is a great coverup for bad tiles or concrete

Use increasingly popular Astroturf (artificial grass). It’s not like when it first came out; it is now realistic looking and affordable. Perfect for a balcony; It’s nice to walk or sit on and it’s weatherproof.

Style the balcony up with seating and plants and you will be good to go.

Popcorn ceilings

Don’t we all hate these things?? Who on earth decided they were fashionable all those years ago? Have you tried to paint one? Give yourself about a month; it’s a nightmare.

The good news is that it can be scraped off. Do you want the bad news? Some of these ceilings from the 60s and 70s can contain asbestos so you need to have it checked out.

But I have better news. To make it look fresh and modern, cover the old popcorn with tongue and groove timber planks. You can buy them in sheets which makes for a faster, simpler job. Paint them white and voila, how your room has improved!

A home staging nightmare. Popcorn ceilings are an eyesore.

home staging to sell

Who knew a popcorn ceiling was under this?

Ceiling Imperfections

If your ceiling is not in perfect condition, use flat white ceiling paint. It won’t reflect as much as gloss so reduces the visibility of any flaws.

Tiny windows

home staging to sellHang your curtains higher and wider as per the diagram. This creates an illusion of a larger window. Don’t use sheers of course!

Unappealing open storage

This is a relatively easy fix. You could hang a curtain or blind, but to me, a better solution would be to buy baskets or containers to fit the shelves, pile the items in them and perhaps just leave a few decorative items on display. You have to be disciplined to keep it this way however. Hope for a short marketing campaign!

home staging to sell

Home staging perfect shelves

If you have an ugly at your home which you aren’t sure how to camouflage, send me a message and I’ll find an answer for you.

I am a fully trained home stager, so if you are thinking of selling your property, please contact me http://jennybhomestaging.com.au/.

I can do an indepth consultation, inspecting your entire home inside and out, to advise you how to make it perfect for the property market. Home staging is proven to sell homes faster and for more dollars.