Home staging (property styling) has changed and grown over the years

Several years ago. preparing a home for the real estate market was a different ballgame to what it is now. Today’s home stagers are required to use more realistic techniques to attract buyers to a home. Buyers are savvy enough to see through corny or silly props which are obviously not representative of how a family lives in a home.

Part of a home stager’s job is to keep up with current decorating and real estate trends. A home must appeal to potential buyers and that isn’t going to happen with a frilly doll toilet roll holder on show! (Did you ever have one – come on, own up!)

Home staging has had to get real; your home should look like you’ve gone out and left the place extremely clean and tidy.

Would you really have left a bottle of wine out with a couple of glasses on the kitchen counter? I’d say not.

 Staging ideas I’ve seen which don’t say everyday living to me

  • The breakfast tray of food (or drinks) on the bed. What if someone sits there at the open house? Everything will end up over the bed. That won’t be a good look for the remaining viewers.
  • The champagne in the bucket and glasses on the deck or by the spa. No one goes out and leaves this here unless they are coming back with a very hot date. Surely this home owner is not so busy that they can’t set the romantic scene after the open house?
  • The fully set dining table. Why? Wouldn’t everything get dusty if it was out permanently? Do you put it away to keep it clean whenever you have a meal with the family? This is not how most people live.


There was a time when articles about selling your home never failed to mention “brew some coffee” or “bake some cookies”. Apparently, prospective buyers would fall head over heels for your house because the smell made it feel so homely; it probably just made them hungry!

You can still do your cooking if you wish, but a better idea would be to use something with a natural, fresh fragrance like a vase of lavender or mint. A bowl of lemons is always a good idea. No chemical odours please; research says it turns people off and buyers could think you have something nasty to hide.


Always remember that selling a property is a big chunk of visual mixed with lots of emotion (on the buyer’s part). A buyer looking for a family home to live in (not a rental or a fixer upper) wants to view homes which are welcoming and obviously cared for. Don’t make it look too sterile or bare.

Keep a couple of personal photos out if you like (only small ones though) and even a couple of small trophies in your child’s room. But leave the buyer plenty of room to picture himself residing there with his own trophies.


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