Home Decor Numbers – why do we need them?

Many of us struggle with how much space we should leave between furniture, how to hang art and even where to put the toilet roll holder. All of this is important for easy living. Experts have calculated preferred measurements so we can decorate with confidence.

Of course, not everyone subscribes to “the norm” so these rules are not set in stone. But try them in your home. If they don’t suit you, change things a tad at a time until you get your own perfection.

home decor numbers

Let’s start with the living room


If you have a flat screen TV, always have it at eye level from your viewing position. Ideal viewing distance is 1 ½ times the size of the screen.

Rug size

Make sure you use the right size rug. Too small will shrink the size of the room. Always keep a minimum of 30 cm (12”) of floor showing around the perimeter of a room.

Look at the diagram to see how the rug should fit with the living room furniture.

home decor numbers

Coffee table

38 cm (15″) is the minimum distance you should have between the sofa and the coffee table.

This gives you plenty of leg room but still enables you to comfortably reach for a drink on the table.

home decor numbers


Hang art so the centre is 160 cm (63″) from the floor. This is lower than most people hang art, because usually it is hung too high. The lower (correct) height means it ties in with the other elements in your space like furniture, lighting, etc.

Ensure all artwork in your home is hung the same height so your home is well balanced.

When hanging a group of pictures, use the same principle, measuring from the centre of the group.

home decor numbers

Dining room

Light fittings

A dining room chandelier should be hung so the bottom of it is 91 cm (36”) above the table.

To work out the size of a suitable chandelier for your space:

A chandelier should be 12 inches smaller than the table width (or diameter if it’s a round table).

Table width – 12 inches = Chandelier size

Example: if your dining table is 42 inches wide, your chandelier should be 30 inches in diameter (40 – 12 = 30).

Allow at least 91 cm (36”) of space around a dining table. This gives diners enough room to pull back their chairs with ease.

Rug size

If you use a rug, all four legs of a chair should always be on it, even with chairs pulled out.

As above, always keep a minimum of 30 cm (12”) of floor showing around the perimeter of a room. Otherwise, your space will look smaller.

home decor numbersBathroom

Last but not least, a very important number!

For a comfortable reach from the toilet to the toilet roll holder, consider the height and distance of the holder in relation to the toilet rim.

The frog may have the roll a little too close but the diagram on the right is the correct distance.

home decor numbers

I didn’t want to overburden you with measurements, so that’s it for now. I hope these hints have been helpful.

If you wish to check out other home decor numbers, go to https://www.pinterest.com/jennybee66/home-decor-numbers-to-know/.

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