What is Home Staging?
Home staging is preparing your home to appeal to buyers so it is sold quickly for the best possible price.
This is achieved by making the first impression of your home an emotional one for a buyer; they need to envision themselves living in the space.

Is it expensive?
Staging can add about 6% to your sale price.
I can do a consultation which involves a complete assessment of your home and outside areas. Then we will discuss cost-effective solutions to problem areas. An in home consultation is $200 for 2 hours. Things like reshuffling furniture and decluttering can also be done at this time.

What is the difference between an interior designer and a home stager?
An interior designer and a home stager are very different. A stager works on making your home appeal to the widest possible range of buyers by styling to emphasise space, light and atmosphere. An interior designer works with you to create a home that specifically suits your personal needs. So when selling your home it is best to use a home stager’s services.

Why can’t I stage my own home?
You can, but if you have lived in a space for a long time, you form an emotional attachment and tend not to notice imperfections. A home stager will look at your home with an objective eye.
But I have a cheap house – it’s not worth it.
Of course it is worth it. Someone out there will love your home. You just have to make it appealing. The cost of a consultation will be much less than taking a price drop when it doesn’t sell.

Why can’t buyers see the potential without home staging?
Less than 10% of people have the imagination to visualise themselves in a space, especially if it is cluttered. So we need to help them. The correct furnishings and flow will help to show the size and scale of the rooms. Combined with accessories, home staging creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere which will emotionally appeal to a buyer.

Is curb appeal important?
Definitely. Sometimes a buyer will drive past without stopping if a home looks neglected from the exterior. They won’t buy your house if they don’t want to walk in the front door. People like to be proud of the way their homes present to visitors and passersby.