Does your Home Make You Happy?

How often do we get asked what we want in life? The most common answer to this question is “happiness”. While family, friends and love have a lot to do with being happy, so does the way your home makes you feel.

Do you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable? Does it feel like a haven? That’s what you should aim for. If going home makes you feel depressed, anxious, angry or just fed up, it might be time to take some action. Read on…..

See the light

home stagingHalloween is over! Pull back the curtains, raise the blinds and let the daylight in! Open the windows and feel the fresh air. A dark, dismal space will not lift your spirits while sunshine is known for its mood boosting qualities.

The fragrant effect

home stagingWhen you open your front door, is there a welcoming aroma?

I have a diffuser in my living room which I adore (it’s called Seashore and it reminds me of the beach). That scent is the first thing to assail my senses when I enter and it makes me happy.

There are so many diffusers to choose from; gorgeous containers, huge variety of fragrances. You could even make one yourself. It’s very easy and it can go in any room you choose. Look here 

Various essential oils are said to:

  • reduce stress
  • help with sleep
  • sooth aches and pains
  • and much more

Choose a scent containing the right essential oil for you. There are lists on the net with this information.

You could also use scented candles (especially nice in the bathroom or bedroom) or buy scented flowers for your home (some of you can pick them from your garden, lucky things). It all assists in creating a beautiful atmosphere.

The front porch

home stagingThere are lots of heavenly scented plants (such as jasmine, rosemary, mint, gardenias, magnolias) which could be potted or planted by the front door. How lovely to come home to. A lovely welcome for your guests too. Check you don’t require a new doormat; nothing says “don’t care” more than a worn out doormat!

Is your home indicative of your style?

home stagingIf you answered “no”:

  • List what doesn’t suit your style and what doesn’t make you happy.
  • Would furniture rearrangement provide more space?
  • Is colour an issue? Would you be happier if you refreshed your walls with a different colour?
  • Does the layout of rooms suit the way you live?
  • Is there enough seating?
  • Perhaps you only need new accessories like pillows or new blinds/curtains to turn the style around.
  • Try incorporating a few house plants into your decor; they can improve indoor air quality. I even talk to mine. (Hey, I live alone!)
  • Hang some bright artwork you love to add your personality.
  • Never rule out thrift stores; they are full of unique pieces (retro, vintage, etc.) so you could stand out from the crowd.

Planning a To Do list for these jobs and doing some research will help put you in a better emotional place. You have made a start! Once you start to implement the changes, look out! Happy here you come!

Above all, only have things in your home which represent you and give you pleasure. Don’t worry about current trends or other people’s opinions; do what appeals to you (this is the opposite of home staging, where you are decorating to suit a buyer).

Touchy Feely

home stagingTexture adds another element of interest to a room.

Have a throw in a soft, sumptuous fabric (how about fur, faux of course) on the couch to warm you up a cold night or just to give a luxurious, comfy feel. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it just has to feel like it did!

The same applies to the bedroom. Textures in curtains and bedcovers, combined with soft pillows will add opulence and cosiness, making your space very appealing come night time.

Love your bedroom

home staging
To me, one of life’s little pleasures is sinking into a nice inviting bed with freshly washed sheets.

Add a scented candle and soft lighting; you have created a wonderful ambience. Lavender encourages a good night’s sleep; I can vouch for it.

You live alone, you say? Who cares; you are entitled to the best. Do this for yourself. Get happy!

Sentimental items

home staging

Many of us have heirlooms or items inherited from departed loved ones. You may even have your original teddy bear! It makes a house a home to include these in your decor.

Make sure stuff doesn’t upset you though. Thinking of the past can do that and if so, put the memories away for a while until you feel stronger.

Let’s get whimsical!

home stagingMeaning of whimsical “quaint, comical, or unusual, often in a tasteless way”

It’s cool to inject some playfulness into a space. I have a pink parrot lamp which is lots of fun.

What’s your fancy? Is there something quirky you always wanted? Do you have a collection you could show off, or an eccentric piece of art?

Bills and serious paperwork

home stagingNothing brings me down like seeing outstanding bills on my dining table. Get them out of there and into the study!! Quick smart! I pin my bills on a notice board above my desk, as well as entering them in my diary so I don’t forget them.

Someone else’s stuff

home staging
Oh no! Don’t let a friend talk you into looking after his houseful of furniture!! This will only make your place look terribly crowded, which is the last thing you want. Another person’s clutter is even more annoying than your own. Do some research and suggest a nice, reasonably priced storage container to your friend!

The same goes for your old boyfriends belongings which are still under your house after twelve months (yes, I have my hand up). If he hasn’t picked his things up by now, you can be sure he doesn’t need them.

Enjoy your abode

home stagingI hope the weight starts lifting from your shoulders once you start this process. I wish you well and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve done. Photos/messages please (with happy smiles)?

Even though I’m a professional home stager, I like to blog about other stuff as well. Hope you don’t mind.

If you reside in Brisbane and you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, I’d be happy to help you prepare for the sale period.

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